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Enter your email address below:. Indeed this does work also if your Mac battery is toast or you reset PRAM and the Mac does not have network connectivity. That is certainly the case with OS X Yosemite, which is a real piece of work. On vacation, had just erased the hard drive, and this verification error stopped the OSX install. Great support, very much appreciated. Like I said, not that you really care, and your comment was made in January, but… Eh. Others might learn from it though: I got this error, tried resetting the date to today, and it still did NOT work. I set the date to the date I downloaded the installer actually a couple of days earlier , and the install went off without a hitch.

I found it surprising that there is not more postings about the installer having an expired certificate. Everyone just talks about setting the date to today.

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Thank you so much, I almost gave up but then tried setting the date manually to the month I downloaded the installer. Worked great. Replaced my MBP mid hard disk with a new SanDisk SSD, after an abundance of error messages, finally reset the date to a day before the date of package installation. Thanks a lot Paul, changing the date close to when the Yosemite was released worked great for me. Thanks Paul. Your summary was invaluable. I set my system clock back three months and now the installer is running. It does make sense that they have a build in obsolescence so that people will download a new installer that will include latest patches instead of running the same one each time and going back to scratch.

It really works. I set the date to the same as registered on Apple Store and the installation work. WTF is that problem? Thanks a ton!

Mac: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later; Fix

Have been fidgeting with installation and almost giving up — saw your genius solution and saved my day. Thanks to you Paul and Russell as well! I had to backdate the computer to the download date and it installed without a hitch. But this did the trick. It seems my certificate expired too, understandably since el capitan is out now… but yeah if you are upgrading to yosemite after this date, a recommended date would be any date during … I used jan 15, and kept the time the same. Thanks Paul and Russell.

I lost 2 partitions due to drive failures, and finally was able to get OSX Thank you! Change the date to 2 days earlier before installing. Thanks, Russell, Paul Helped. Russell, thank you very much. This helped. When i set date to a date one year earlier it installed without a problem. Thanks again.

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  • Bless you!!! I had to install from a Recovery partition of another drive MacPro and then use terminal to change the date to a year ago. I agree! I set the clock back to and now installing Mavericks. Yosemite ran way too slow. Any ideas or links for downloading mavericks is highly appreciated. Great thanks a lot. Spend lots of time on this. Needed to set the date to , when today it is What a stupid error message about the file being corrupt.

    Thanks so much…been at this for a day now, and your post helped me out!! Certificate dates were my problem. Downloaded El Capitan in November gave validation error May Set date to and verification passed and EC installed. By the way, I just changed the date and time via System Preferences… did not have to do it via Terminal. Others did learn, I sure did, thank you so much. You saved me from flinging my MacPro out the window after much frustration. Thank you for the explanation and the great tip. It worked like a charm. Correct, if you know the date when the installer originated, you can set the date to that and it usually installs.

    You can also set the date back in time and it works often too. I love Apples, but this bushel is full of bugs. Apple has to get back to building great products well everytime, not fancy, tricky products that might not work at all. Robert — i am firmly determined to stick to Mavericks. I have just finished reading the biography of Steve Jobs.

    Had he been around, and still involved with Apple, you bet Yosemite would have been sooner straightened. Warm Regards from Mauritius.

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    Tried running Disk Utility off the Yosemite startup and it says my Mac needs to be repaired. But of course the Repair button is grayed out. Target mode. Tried to zap the pram. Nothing will let me back into my hard drive. Thank you!! Hi Sheila, I am also facing the same problem, Could you please let me know in case its solved for you.

    I have deleted and downloaded from the App Store several times and have also followed the steps to check the date, which was correct. I even tried changing time zon and time, date and then putting it all back as it should be wth no success. Please, please has anyone got any further suggestions? Did all of the above and still no luck. PRAM reset, date change, reboot. The only option I can think of is maybe the firmware needing to be updated. Running out of options though, and hair to pull out! My situation was this: My Mac is a Macbook pro mid configuration.

    Had to replace battery as it was toast. Replaced hard disk with a new SSD drive. Formatted as required. Created a bootable installer USB.

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    Got the error. Thanks to this note — resolved the issue this way. Went to utilities. Opened up terminal — checked the date. The date was Jan 01 This is the only option to change the date as ntupdate utility is not available from the installer. Tried re-installing and everything went well. I am in the middle of a very similar process. Macbook pro mid Started it up and got the same error, checked time in terminal and it was xx xx Reset date using manual command.

    Middle of reinstalling right now…. Yup, had the same problem.

    I opened terminal, and the date was Jan 01 too. I reset the date, and everything went off without a hitch! Thank you, fixed the problem perfectly! I too am going through a battery and ssd replacement, hope it speeds up my early MBP. Thanks for this information.